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Jazz Clubs to Visit in LA

As someone deeply passionate about jazz, visiting Los Angeles for years in pursuit of the best local jazz clubs was quite a pleasure. Each club in LA presents its own distinct flavor of this soul-stirring music genre, turning every note into a narrative and each performance into an odyssey.

Sure, every major city in the US has its own vibrant scene, like Las Vegas. However, what I experienced in the City of Angels was completely different from any other place.

Going through the most visited clubs in the city was a blast, I must say. The most important reason for that is the variety of options you can experience. So, I feel obliged to share my experiences with you guys.

My top picks:

  • Catalina Jazz Club
  • The Grand Star Jazz Club
  • Vibrato Grill Jazz

However, this is not the complete list. Buckle up and let us begin.

1. Catalina Jazz Club

My first visit to Catalina Jazz Club was nothing short of magical. Located in the heart of Hollywood, this club has an ambiance that’s both intimate and electrifying. The performances here range from local talents to touring maestros, offering a diverse palette of flavors.

The club’s cozy setting makes it an ideal spot for jazz lovers to immerse themselves in the music. I remember being particularly struck by the club’s commitment to showcasing both emerging and established artists, making every visit a new discovery.

Key Traits:

  • Iconic club in LA
  • Wide range of performances
  • Intimate and cozy ambiance

2. The Grand Star Jazz Club


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Walking into The Grand Star Jazz Club feels like stepping into a different era. The vintage decor and the soulful performances create an atmosphere that’s both upscale and deeply emotional. I was impressed by the friendly staff and the well-stocked bar, which offers a wide range of signature cocktails.

The performances here are about storytelling, and each night is a unique experience. The club’s commitment to quality in both music and service makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic experience in Los Angeles. It is one of the oldest clubs in the city where some of the best musicians used to play.

Key Traits:

  • Vintage decor
  • Emotional depth in performances
  • Signature cocktails and premium spirits

3. Vibrato Grill Jazz

Vibrato Grill Jazz is a place where the spirit is alive and thriving. The inviting atmosphere, complemented by warm lighting, sets the perfect stage for the live bands that perform here. Each band I’ve seen has shown great respect for traditions while bringing their unique flair to the stage.

The Jazz Jam Sessions and themed nights are particularly engaging, offering a blend of classic and contemporary styles. This club is a haven for those who not only love jazz music but also appreciate the culture and history behind it.

Key Traits:

  • Inviting atmosphere with warm lighting
  • Respect for jazz traditions
  • Engaging events like Jam Sessions

4. The Baked Potato

The Baked Potato is a club that pulsates with energy. Known for its lively ambiance and top-notch sound systems, this club offers an immersive jazz experience. The dance floor is always inviting, and the crowd is as energetic as the music.

The club’s focus on sound quality ensures that every note is crisp and clear, making it a haven for audiophiles. The unique combination of great music, a vibrant atmosphere, and a dance-friendly space makes The Baked Potato an unforgettable destination for genre lovers.

Key Traits:

  • Lively and electrifying ambiance
  • High-fidelity sound systems
  • Dance-friendly with a spacious dance floor

5. Rhythm Room L.A.


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Rhythm Room L.A. stands out for its dynamic atmosphere and diverse crowd. The club’s special acts and themed events make every visit a new adventure. The colorful lights add to the lively ambiance, creating a space that’s both visually and musically stimulating.

What I love most about Rhythm Room L.A. is its ability to attract a cross-generational audience, making it a melting pot of enthusiasts from all walks of life. The club’s commitment to creating unforgettable nights filled with music and interaction is truly commendable.

Key Traits:

  • Dynamic and engaging atmosphere
  • Special acts and themed events
  • Colorful lights and cross-generational crowd

6. Riviera 31


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Riviera 31 is a social hub where music, culture, and people come together. The club’s diverse crowd and atmospheric lighting create an ambiance that’s both sophisticated and welcoming.  The live performances by renowned jazz artists are always a treat, and the club’s ability to host special celebrations adds to its charm.

The creative concoctions at the bar are the perfect complement to the music, making Riviera 31 a place where every sense is delighted.

Key Traits:

  • Diverse crowd and atmospheric lighting
  • Live performances by famous jazz artists
  • Creative concoctions and special celebrations

7. Pips On Labrea

Pips On Labrea is a place that immediately feels like home. The club’s considerate approach to first-time visitors and its transformative space make it a welcoming spot for all. The immersive themes and romantic ambiance make it an ideal place for a jazz dining experience.

The live music here, which ranges from soothing to lively, perfectly complements the club’s atmosphere. Pips On Labrea is a testament to how jazz can create an environment of warmth and connection.

Key Traits:

  • Considerate of first-time visitors
  • Transformative space with immersive themes
  • Romantic dining experience

8. Sam First Bar

Sam First Bar is a hidden gem that blends the modern with the timeless. The club’s theme-based approach to jazz creates an atmosphere that’s both intimate and sophisticated.  The live music, featuring a mix of standards and historical classics, is always captivating.

The club’s modern yet classic setting makes it an ideal spot for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including great music and expertly crafted cocktails. Not to mention a lot of Frank Sinatra songs.

Key Traits:

  • Modern venue with a theme-based approach
  • Live music and historical classics
  • Intimate and sophisticated setting

9. Verse Los Angeles


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Verse Los Angeles is where culinary art meets musical artistry. As an upscale Supper Club, it offers an elegant dining experience complemented by relaxing music. The club’s focus on customer satisfaction is evident in every detail, from the ambiance to the service.

The romantic smooth jazz creates a serene backdrop, making it a perfect spot for a special evening out. Verse Los Angeles is a place where every visit feels like a celebration of the finer aspects of life.

Key Traits:

  • Upscale Supper Club with relaxing jazz music
  • Customer-oriented with romantic smooth music
  • Elegant dining and musical experience

10. Cicada Lounge


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Cicada Lounge is a place where the old magic of Hollywood comes alive. The intimate space, with its dim lighting and elegant decor, transports you to a bygone era of glamour and romance.

The jazz-themed drinks and regular nights add to the club’s atmosphere. The music here is an integral part of the Cicada experience, making every visit a journey into the heart of jazz.

Key Traits:

  • Intimate space with dim lighting
  • Jazz-themed drinks and frequent jazz nights
  • Old Hollywood charm and romance

Tips for Visiting Jazz Clubs in LA

When planning a visit to the jazz clubs of Los Angeles there are several key tips to keep in mind to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Making Reservations

For popular clubs like Catalina and Vibrato, making a reservation is often crucial. These venues are known for their high demand, especially on weekends or when well-known artists are performing.

Booking a table in advance not only guarantees you a spot but often ensures you get a good view of the stage. Some clubs might allow walk-ins, but to avoid disappointment, I always recommend calling ahead or reserving online.

Dress Codes

Dress Codes

The dress code can vary significantly from one jazz club to another. While some clubs, like Riviera 31 or Verse Los Angeles, may have a more upscale or formal dress code, others like The Baked Potato or Rhythm Room L.A. are more relaxed and casual.

It’s always a good idea to check the club’s website or social media pages for dress code information. Remember, dressing appropriately can enhance your experience, making you feel more in tune with the club’s ambiance.

Checking the Schedule

Jazz clubs in LA often host special events, themed nights, or feature guest artists. These occasions can offer a unique twist to the regular experience. For instance, a themed night might focus on a specific era of jazz or a tribute to a legendary artist.

Checking the club’s schedule in advance can help you choose a night that aligns with your musical preferences or introduces you to something new and exciting.

Arrival Time

For clubs where seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, arriving early can be advantageous. This is especially true for smaller, more intimate venues where space is at a premium.  Arriving early not only secures you a good spot but also gives you time to settle in, order drinks, and absorb the atmosphere before the performance begins.

Club’s Atmosphere

jazz club party

Some clubs might focus more on the music with minimal distractions, while others might offer a full dining experience alongside the performance. Understanding the nature of the club you’re visiting can help set your expectations.

For instance, if you’re looking for a quiet, music-focused evening, a club with a louder, more social atmosphere might not be the best choice.

Parking and Transportation

LA’s traffic is infamous, and parking can be a challenge, especially in popular areas like Hollywood or Downtown LA. Checking parking options beforehand is wise. Some clubs have valet services, while others might rely on nearby public parking.

Alternatively, using public transportation or ride-sharing services can be a convenient way to avoid parking hassles.


What style of jazz is Los Angeles known for?

Los Angeles is known for a diverse range of jazz styles, including West Coast jazz, which is characterized by its smooth, laid-back sound and lighter tones compared to the more intense styles of East Coast jazz.

Is the jazz in ‘La La Land’ good?

Yes, the jazz in ‘La La Land’ is widely praised for its quality. The film’s soundtrack, which heavily features jazz music, has been acclaimed for its authentic representation of classic jazz, appealing to both jazz enthusiasts and general audiences.

What is the name of the jazz club in ‘La La Land’?

The jazz club featured prominently in ‘La La Land’ is named “Seb’s.” It’s a fictional club created for the film, representing the protagonist’s dream of owning a traditional jazz venue.

What jazz song does Ryan Gosling play in ‘La La Land’?

In ‘La La Land,’ Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian, plays several jazz pieces, but one of the most notable is “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme.” This piece recurs throughout the film and is central to its soundtrack.


My journey through Los Angeles’ jazz clubs has been an exploration of musical ecstasy and cultural richness. Each club offers a unique slice of the city’s musical heritage, and I encourage everyone to experience these incredible venues.